Forms of Resistance

2015, Elephant Kunsthall , Lillehammer

Soft sculptures and a vintage photograph

The exhibition took place in an old petrol station in Lillehammer, the hometown of the artist. Johnslien used an old photo taken by her grandfather (who once had had the petrol

station as his workplace) as a point of departure in the work Forms of Resistance, which investigated the concept of mobility. The black and white photo from the 1940’s shows the bridge over Mjøsa in a collapsed state. The resistance army demolished the bridge as part of their strategy to slow down the German invasion of Norway.

Collapsed structures are a recurring theme in Marte Johnslien’s work. The soft sculptures made in response to the old photograph resemble containers or suitcases which are deprived of function.

Photo: Anders Valde. All text and image © Marte Johnslien